Apco Photos

Apco near Ardmore, OK on Hwy 77. 1997 photo by John Cirillo


Above three from David Backlin.

An old Apco sign located in Chickasha, Oklahoma.
Photo taken Sept. 14, 2006 by David Aldred.

An abandoned store and Apco dealer on Oklahoma highway 152 a few miles
west of Minco, OK. Taken Oct. 30, 2007 by David Aldred.

The final design for APCO just before they changed their name to Total.
This photo taken near Lost Bridge Park near Garfield, AR. -David Backlin

An old APCO sign (one of the last) taken April 2001 at Alma, AR.
(no longer there as of 2003). From David Backlin.

Two photos of another Apco near Ardmore, OK on Hwy 77.
1997 photos by John Cirillo

An Apco (not related to the above) at 2012 N. Lake Avenue, Pasadena, CA.
Taken Feb. 29, 2004 by J. Eric Freedner. (This station is next door to
the Gilmore station seen on the Gilmore page.)
J. Eric writes: APCO was a former MOBIL that apparently tried to make it on its own briefly.
No hoses on pumps now, so I presume the brand is done for!

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