Gilmore Photos

Two shots of a Gilmore location in Pasadena, CA.
J. Eric Freedner, who donated these pictures, comments:
A rare treat from 2012 N. Lake Avenue, Pasadena: A Gilmore filing
station! You can't actually buy any Roar With Gilmore gasoline there, but the
pumps are either for real or 100% accurate reproductions. The sign, though
painted over by Ronnies, was also a Gilmore one, I believe. This site has been
used as a movie location and in various photos including fashion magazine layouts.
This is the only "Gilmore Station" in the USA that I am aware of.
Photos taken November, 2002.

Sonya magnified the pump area in the above photo so you can see a little more detail.
I remember seeing this very station in a recent movie dramatization of the
Beach Boys' career entitled "The Beach Boys: An American Family"
John Cirillo

Here is a really clear shot of the pump globes, taken by Mr. Freedner on 2-29-2004.
Note that they have removed the Gilmore logo from the front of the pumps.

And another shot of the station, taken by J. Eric Freedner on 2-29-2004.