Arco Photos

Arco is an abbreviation for Atlantic Richfield. When those two brands were merged, they became Arco.

Arco at the corner of Golden West and Slater in Huntington Beach, CA.
Photo taken August 10, 2013 by David Aldred.

A new Arco sign in the Santa Clara-San Jose area in California.
Photo taken in March, 2020 by Adam Evanko.

New Arco design in the Santa Clara-San Jose area of California.
Photo taken in March, 2020 by Adam Evanko.

An Arco sign with small BP energy spark logo at a station in Santa Fe Springs, CA.
Photo taken January 1, 2007 by J. Eric Freedner.

Unusual white Arco sign at a station on S. Lander Avenue in Turlock, CA.
Photo taken on 5/8/2010 by J. Eric Freedner. Note the tall conventional
blue Arco sign in the background beside Highway 99.

Arco AM/PM at Cypress and Manzanita in Carmichael, CA.
Photo taken Oct 2002 by Les Cobb.

A re-shoot of the above Carmichael, CA location.
Taken Oct. 7, 2008, again by Les Cobb.
This photo reflects the changes that have been made at Arco
stations in the last six years.

An Arco sign in Longview, Texas.
Taken May 4, 2005 by David Aldred.

Arco AM/PM Mini Market at the corner of Vanowen Street and Vineland Avenue in North Hollywood, CA.
AM/PM is owned by Arco. This combination is very common and can be found in Washington, Oregon, and California.
For years Arco demanded cash or ATM cards only for payment, "to keep costs down."
Photo taken Nov 30, 2002 by J. Eric Freedner who also gave the above information.

Another Arco, this one having the "house" style sign, at what was once the
Quality Service Station on Vanowen Street in North Hollywood, CA, just three blocks from the above station.
Photo taken Nov. 30, 2002 by J. Eric Freedner, who also gave the above information.

Arco, former Richfield (of California) photo taken in early morning in
December, 1973 in Why, Arizona.
Two of the pumps at this station are old RICHFIELD ones, ARCO just added
the third-grade little squat one in the center (unleaded regular I think it
would be). Hopefully you can see the old RICHFIELD sign, still propped up
beside the building below the tall ARCO. What may be a rare photo of
the RICHFIELD-ARCO rebranding efforts.
The gas station was also the Post Office and pretty much the only business in town.
Photo and notes from J. Eric Freedner. Photo restoration by Sonya Cirillo.

In 1969, Sinclair was bought by ARCO, and these signs appeared to alert people
that the name was changing.
This photo was taken sometime in 1970 by Walt Wimer.
It was located in Wooster, Ohio, probably on US 30 on the west edge of town.

Here I attempted to zoom in on the sign changing artwork on Walt's photo above.

Two shots of an Arco AM/PM at 134th St and Salmon Creek Dr.,
Salmon Creek (Vancouver) WA. Taken April 2003 by David Lien.

More Arco signs taken by David Lien, April 2003.
N.E. 78th St. and St Johns Rd. in Vancouver, WA.

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