Richfield Photos


Richfield Pump at Custer's Antique Show, July 12, 1998.
Photo by Glen Whiteley.

Next series are of a "Restored" Richfield Station in Coalinga, California.

The above five photos are of a Richfield station in Coalinga, California.
They were taken in October, 2004 by Jim Wartman.
This station is part of the R.C. Baker Museum, just up the street.
A plaque out front reads:
1934 Richfield Service Station
Donated to R.C. Baker Memorial Museum
By Jim Peavy

Judge for yourself on the accuracy of this replica.
It is very attractive, and so far is the closest
thing to a real Richfield photo that I've received so far.

Old Richfield station, South Frontage Drive, McFarland, CA.
This location is now being used as a storage yard by a nut growing company.
In its time (1950s?) this station probably catered to people driving
northbound into McFarland with almost-empty tanks, unless it advertised
its presence to motorists coming southbound through town.
Photo taken July 20, 2003 by J. Eric Freedner.

1965 Richfield map scan from Robert Droz.

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