Rich Photos

Rich sign in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Taken in early 2005 by Troy Wymer.

A Rich station on US 23 in downtown Oscoda, MI.
This station was "Best Oil" until the late
80s or early 90s and then Total until 2001.
(There is a photo of this station as a Total
on the Total page.)
When Total left Michigan, a few of their stations
were re-branded to Rich.
Photo taken in 2004 by Bobby Peacock.
Update: As of Nov. 2007, Bobby has informed me that this station has closed.

A former Speedway now branded Rich.
Located at 1901 Elmwood, Lafayette, Indiana.
Photo by John Cirillo, taken Feb. 26, 2005.
This station was built in 1964 and was originally the "Wake-Up" brand.
Marathon bought out Wake-Up in the early 90s and this station
was rebranded to Speedway in 1995. The change to Rich was sometime late in 2004.
Then around 2006 the station was completely torn down and rebuilt as a newer
and bigger Speedway station.

Another view of the Rich on Elmwood. Taken Feb. 26, 2005 by John Cirillo

A view of the above station when it was still Speedway.
Taken April 17, 2004 by John Cirillo.

Note: Rich is a new secondary brand created by Marathon.
Low volume Speedway stations are being converted to Rich.
Many of those are smaller sites, often former Cheker or
Bonded (or in this case, Wake-Up)
sites that Speedway acquired a while back.

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