An interesting place to put a sign. This Marathon is in Nashville, Tennessee.
Photo taken in Oct. 2004 by David Aldred.

Marathon on Teal Rd., Lafayette, IN. (Near the Wendy's restaurant).
1995 photo by Sonya Cirillo.

Marathon in Lafayette, IN (Earl Ave. at South St.) in 1995
just before renovation. Photo by Sonya Cirillo.

Marathon in Auburn, Indiana. Taken June 2003 by David Rowlison.

Old Marathon map scan.

An old Marathon in downtown Standish, Michigan.
It was abandoned probably in the mid-1990s.
The building is still up, but out of view on this shot.
Photo taken by Bobby Peacock, 2002.
Note: As of December, 2004 this station has been demolished.

Three different perspectives of the Marathon gas station in Oscoda, MI when it was
closed in 2001. The gas station has since re-opened as a Marathon. It used to be a 76, and was
originally a Standard. Photos 1 and 3 taken May 27, 2001; Photo 2 taken New Year's Eve 2001.
From Bobby Peacock
Update: Bobby has reported that as of October, 2004 this station is again closed.
A Century station now branded Marathon.
Located at 270l Lafayette Road, Indianapolis, Indiana.
Photo taken August 17, 2008 by John Cirillo.
More photos of this station are available on the
Century page.

It's a bit hard to spot the Marathon sign in this photo, as this photo was
taken late in the afternoon, facing west. This Marathon used to be a Total
station, and was a Stuckey's a LONG time ago. Located at the southwest
corner of I-94 and M-51 west of Paw Paw, Michigan.
Taken by Bobby Peacock, May 31, 2003

Here's the same photo again with the brightness cranked up.
John Cirillo

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