Rex Photos

This was Rex Oil Co.of Florida, headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale. They didn't come
along until maybe the mid-60s, about the time I left Florida. A number of
their sites, including this one (I think) were former SOUTHERN stations,
leading me to believe that they bought some SOUTHERN stations that didn't meet
the requirements to be changed over to HESS. Most BILLUPS stations became
HESS, but many of the SOUTHERN were a bit too small for HESS. Like others,
I am not sure what happened to Rex, but feel fairly sure it was the
"energy crisis" that did them in. This station was on U. S. 1, somewhere in
the center of the state, but the photo is not dated or the location listed.
Most likely it was taken in the early 70s.

Walt Wimer

Rex station near Rockingham, North Carolina.
Taken Nov. 2003 by Robert Droz on his US 1 trip.
Not related to the Florida Rex in the above photo.

These two old pumps are at the Rex station above.
Photographing them from the rear shows the original Mobil logo.
Robert Droz.

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