BP-Amoco Photos

After British Petroleum acquired Amoco in 1998, some Amoco stations were rebranded
as shown in these photos, with the new BP energy symbol but retaining the
Amoco name and no BP showing on the sign.

Most rebranded Amoco stations today show the energy symbol with the letters BP next
to it, and the words Amoco Fuels lower down on the sign. So these BP-Amoco
signs as shown on this page are unique.

We are looking for more pictures of signs with the BP energy symbol and Amoco
name with no BP lettering, so if you have one, send it along for inclusion.

Two shots of a BP - Amoco transition station across from the Florida State
Fairgrounds, Tampa, FL. Station shows signs of having been a RaceTrac and a Speedway.
Photos by Robert Droz, April, 2003

BP-Amoco May, 2003, Clearwater, FL. From Robert Droz.
Across from an Exxon, might be why this former Mobil changed to Amoco.
Attendant inside wore shirt with torch and oval. Flags show bp.

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