BP Photos

From John Cirillo

From Dan Swires
of British Petroleum

What looks like a Muffler Man statue, this is a famous "Giant" or Paul Bunyan to be exact. He stands near the junction of NY State Highway 9A, the Saw Mill River Parkway, and I-287 in Elmsford, New York. Local address is 135 N. Central Ave., Elmsford, NY. The station was once an AMOCO and Paul was done up in red, white and blue paint. When BP took over, he had to turn yellow and green. Paul has stood there since at least the mid 1960's. Originally he had two good arms and held an axe! He has only one arm in the photo, and now according to roadsideamerica.com, he has no arms!
Photo taken around December 22, 2004 by J. Eric Freedner, who also contributed most of the above notes.

Photo of a BP sign in the Ocala National Forest, Florida.
2006 photo by Mark Logas.

Two photos of Ansdell Service Station on Church Road,
St Annes-on-sea, England. Taken Feb. 2, 2005 by Michelle Howe.

Early 1960s Australian BP map from Jim Sonter. Another side of the map.

A curbside BP station in Paris, France.
Taken in 1964 by Walt Wimer.

An older badge-type BP highway sign along I-40 somewhere in Tennessee.
Taken by David Aldred, Oct. 2004.

Older badge-type BP in Sacramento, CA in the early 90s.
According to the submitter, all of the area BPs turned into
76 stations shortly after this picture was taken.
Submitted by "San Fernando Valley Guy" on May 27, 2004.

A Gate Food Post with BP branded gas and using the older badge logo.
Located at 9144 Baymeadows Road, Jacksonville, FL.
Photo taken 6-5-2004 by Alex Wong.

BP highway sign with the quarter-section of the energy spark logo.
Taken at Dwight, IL on July 16, 2004 by David Backlin.

A BP utilizing the oval Amoco sign structure.
Located on Florida State Road 46 and County Road 435
in Mount Plymouth (Lake County) Florida.
Taken by Albert Pratts in May, 2004.

A BP station in North Ryde, Sydney, Australia taken in 2000 by Jim Sonter.
As of 2003 it is no longer selling BP.
BP has been in Australia since the 1950s.

Lots of goodies in this 1971 photo in Lakeland, FL from Robert V. Droz.

1971 BP in Bartow, FL by Robert V Droz.

BP station on U.S. 24 near Roanoke, IN. June 1998 photo by Sonya Cirillo.


Three photos of a BP station in Kissimmee, FL. Photos taken in Dec. 2001 by Robert V. Droz.

Two photos of a Tetco station selling BP gasoline, located at Meacham Blvd. and I-35W in Fort Worth, TX.
Photos taken Nov. 25, 2002 by Rich Piehl.
Note: As of 2005, this station is a Texaco.

British Petroleum recently rebranded the Amoco at DuPont and I-69 north of Fort Wayne, IN.
This photo was taken on Feb. 9, 2003. The newly-rebranded BP had been operating only a few
months and was already closed when this photo was taken. Two months later, it is now a Citgo.
Photo by John Cirillo. Note the flock of geese in the upper left of the photo!

A close-up of the Fuelman sign hanging off of the above BP and Burger King sign. The Fuelman
sign had been there since the Amoco days. When Citgo took over, the Fuelman sign disappeared.
Photo by John Cirillo.

This old BP station is south of South Hill, VA on US 1.
It looks like it never made the change to Fina.
Taken Nov 3, 2003 by Robert Droz.

A BP in Castro Valley, CA, now a Union station as of 2003.
Taken by Charles Hathaway in 1997.

BP in Dublin, CA, now a Union station as of 2003.
Taken by Charles Hathaway in 1998, just prior to the BP stations
in Northern California converting to 76 stations.

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