Amoco Photos

New Amoco station in Ardsley, New York. This station is located at 555 Saw Mill River Road (New York Route 9A).
This was a Sunoco station. Before it was a Sunoco station, it was a Mobil station.
Before it was a Mobil station, it was actually an Amoco station.
Photo taken 10-19-2019 by Jeff Alterman.

Another view of the new Amoco in Ardsley, New York.
Photo taken 10-19-2019 by Jeff Alterman.

Close-up of the dispenser at the new Amoco in Ardsley, New York.
Photo taken 10-19-2019 by Jeff Alterman.

Amoco sign at University and Forsyth, Orlando, Florida.
2002 photo by Mark Logas. As of 2012, property is an Amscot cash advance.

Amoco highway sign at Cambridge and Fairbanks, one block east of I-4, Orlando, Florida.
2002 photo by Mark Logas. Station became a Chevron. As of 2012, it is closed.

Amoco sign at FL Highway 436 and Thompson, Apokpa, Orange County, Florida.
2002 photo by Mark Logas. Station is closed as of 2006.
Per Google Street View, this location is now a 7-Eleven store in 2012.

An Amoco with Standard sign in St. Clair, Michigan.
Taken March 24, 2004 by Andy Songal.

Amoco on Teal Rd. in Lafayette, Indiana 1995 by John Cirillo

Here are two shots of a 'Standard' Amoco station around Holly, MI
undergoing transition from Amoco to BP. The station still sports the
large freeway 'Standard' sign. The signs are the only things that
have not changed to BP.
Pictures taken in March of 2004 by Mark Pesci.

Logansport, Indiana on Hwy 24, 1997 by Sonya Cirillo (gone now)

Two shots of McFalls Amoco, still alive and no sign of BP in 2004.
Station is located at 208 S. Old US 41 at Spies St., Boswell, Indiana.
Taken March 21, 2004 by John Cirillo.
Note: In 2006 I saw this station again. The Amoco sign is gone,
And there is a new sign stating "McFall's Service" with the prices below.
So he has gone unbranded.

Amoco in Wabash, Indiana 2000 by John Cirillo

1941 Amoco Credit Card Map.

Here is a pre-1972 Standard (Indiana) torch & oval, it was put in about 6 or 7 years ago.
Looks like an old expressway or freeway size sign.
Then there's the up to date Amoco, but the pole hasn't been painted white.
Plus the trim on the building (out of shot) is BP green & yellow.
Little Store location, State Hwy. 33 at Doddridge Ave., Cloquet, Minnesota
Todd Liljedahl, March 2002.

An old Amoco sign from Tampa, FL. From the archives at the
Tampa-Hillsborough Public Library, courtesy of Robert Droz.

Four views of an Amoco in Rockledge, FL, July 2002 taken by Robert V. Droz

An older Amoco post and sign, Fort Meade, Florida on US 1.
Taken by Robert Droz, Nov. 2003

Older style station and sign, just north of New York City on US 1.
Taken Nov. 2003 by Robert Droz.

Old Amoco in Titusville, FL on US 1, greeting northbound travelers.
The sign is extraordinarily large, Interstate size. It will likely
be replaced by a standard-sized BP sign by the new owners.
Taken Nov. 2003 by Robert Droz.
Note: As of July 14, 2004, this is still an Amoco station, per Bill Newkirk.

Australian Amoco map from 1965. Amoco Australia was sold to BP in 1984.
From Jim Sonter

From the back side of the above 1965 map.
From Jim Sonter.

Hi-Pointe Amoco, St. Louis, MO.
Nothing can quite prepare you for your first sight of the mammoth Hi-Pointe Amoco sign
at the corner of Skinker and Clayton in St. Louis, Missouri.
I am starting with a smaller picture and then the next two are bigger.
This may take some time on a dialup connection, but I promise it's worth the wait!

Here is the Hi-Pointe Amoco station as viewed from the eastern approach.
We have just exited on Clayton from westbound I-64.
We are sitting at the intersection of Clayton and Skinker.
Photo taken July 2, 2004 by John Cirillo.

Here is a bigger picture, standing next to Clayton and looking back to the east at the sign.
Photo taken July 2, 2004 by Sonya Cirillo.

The last and biggest picture, standing at the edge of the parking lot looking up.
That speck in the sky is a jet airliner.
Photo taken July 2, 2004 by Sonya Cirillo.
As can be seen, the station has converted to the BP color scheme.
Though the big Amoco sign is considered a landmark, I am afraid that its days are numbered. Hope I'm wrong.

A night shot of the Hi-Pointe sign by Larry Pearlman of BP.
Photo taken August 18, 2005.

Linen postcard of an earlier Hi-Pointe sign.

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