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American Oil Company

A Standard of Indiana brand

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American sign in Tampa, FL, 1971. This is on SR 587 (Westshore Blvd)
at Gray street, looking north toward the I-275 overpass (I-75 at that time).
From Robert Droz. Image restored by Kimberly Harrington 2-26-2003.

A couple of old American pumps at a former American/Amoco
Mango, Florida. Photos by Robert Droz, May 2003.

A 1950s-era pump with 1960s American graphics at Odell, Illinois.
Photo taken Nov. 7, 2005 by David Aldred.

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Standard of Indiana

American gas station

(not part of Standard Oil)

A new American station at 1245 Nepperhan Ave. in Yonkers, NY.
Taken Sunday, December 19, 2010 by Jeff Alterman.
Jeff has seen four of these stations so far.
Three have taken over former Getty locations.
The fourth took over a Lukoil location.

A second view of the above station in Yonkers, also taken
Dec. 19, 2010 by Jeff Alterman.

Last photo of the Yonkers location. Taken Dec. 19, 2010
by Jeff Alterman.
Also included is the A&P grocery next door which could become historic.