Union 76/Unocal Photos

The Union 76/Unocal photos are split out onto three pages now.
This first page is the original page, the second page
is from John Cirillo's west coast vacation,
and the third page consists of many photos all from Earl Ma.

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Union 76 logo from a map scan. John Cirillo.

This image is from the July, 1957 issue of Seventy-Six magazine and is
typical of primary 76 signage in the years immediately before the
sphere became commonplace. From Earl Ma.

A Union 76 ball sign in Seattle, Washington taken March 8, 1985 by John Cirillo.
Located at the corner of Fremont Ave. N. and N. 46th Street. Thanks to Dan Roben for
identifying the intersection!
A 2006 photo of this location appears on the Union Page 2, and can be seen here in a pop-up window.

Freeland 76 (known as McQueen's). Along Main Street in Freeland, Washington,
on Whidbey Island. Was an Amoco in the 70's, a Mobil in the 80's, and BP in
the 90's, and is now a 76. Station is run down, but houses the most
complete auto parts store on the island, McQueen's Auto Parts. The
C-Store even has old wood paneling on the walls, and the station
sports old analog pumps.
Photo taken Jan. 1, 2005 by Thomas Gill.

Here is an unbranded station at 2140 Huntington Drive at the intersection
of Garfield, Alhambra and Huntington in South Pasadena, CA.
Station owner is Larry Raether and station is known as Larry's Union Service.
Note signage on door still reads Union Oil Dealer and the pumps are
in the same colors as when Union owned the 76 brand. Should be good as
an example of the older 1980s style Union 76 stations.
Photo taken Feb. 29, 2004 by J. Eric Freedner.

C.L. BRYANT cardlock fueling terminal on Santa Fe Avenue in Corcoran, California.
Photos taken Friday, March 26, 2004 by J. Eric Freedner.
Besides the old-fashioned UNION 76 sign, there is a UNOCAL 76 and tiny TEXACO for good measure....
Note: As of 10-20-2004 the older Union 76 sign is gone.

Here's another view from the opposite side, also showing the PACIFIC PRIDE sign.

The gas pumps are shown above. Over an orange circle (from 76), a black-and-white checkered racing flag.

BRYANT has about 6 sites around California (a big one is in Los Banos). It's kind of hard to figure the company out.
They bought from TOSCO years back and while it looks like they market 76 products, they are sort of independent.
The credit card reader seems to be in PACIFIC PRIDE colors.

Earl Ma has sent me a link to Bryant's website which explains who they are.
The link is www.clbryant.com/html/aboutus.html
They are a 76 marketer and also have around 12 Pacific Pride cardlocks. With headquarters in Modesto,
they serve from terminals in seven California cities. They also state that they are the largest
independent marketer of VP Racing Fuels.

A 2003 Bryant decal from Earl Ma.

Former Union 76 dealer somewhere in California.
From Charles Hathaway. Taken between 1997 and 2003.

Union 76 in Lee Vining, CA.
Taken by Charles Hathaway in June, 2003.

76 sign in San Juan Bautista From Charles Hathaway.
Taken in February, 2004.

Close-up of part of the above signboard.
From Charles Hathaway. Taken in Feb. 2004.

A 76 station on US 101 in Humptulips, Washington.
Taken July 1998 by John Cirillo.

Two photos of a 76 station in Delphi, IN, 1995.
Station rebranded to Citgo around 2000.
Photos by Sonya Cirillo.

Above two are from a closed station in Wabash, Indiana, Feb. 2001
Photos by Sonya Cirillo

Union 76 with Circle K store, Lakeland, FL. Taken June, 2002. From Robert V. Droz.

An Al-Sal Oil Company station at the corner of Glenoaks Blvd. and Sunland Boulevard, Sun Valley, CA.
Al-Sal operates a large chain of stations in California, discounting Unocal products at no-frills
drive-thru stations. They use a convex 76 sign on rectangle rather than the more familiar orange globes.
Photo taken Nov. 30, 2002 by J. Eric Freedner, who also contributed the above notes.

76 station at Coldwater Canyon Av. and Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA.
Taken Oct. 27, 2003 by J. Eric Freedner.
Covering is up for only about a week or two around Halloween, per a
longstanding custom around Southern California.
Not all 76 stations participate.

A 1967 Union 76 map image. From Robert Droz, 2003.

A shot of the Union 76 Skyride at the Seattle Century 21 Exposition, 1962.
This was probably the place where many people saw the round 76 ball for the first time.
This photo is a still frame from an 8MM home movie taken by Alan Eastlund's parents.
Uploaded courtesy of Alan Eastlund.

Union 76 and Cuesta Motel sign on US 101 about
five miles north of San Luis Obispo, California.
Photo was taken around October 1973 by J. Eric Freedner,
who held the lease on the station at that time.

Holbrook, Arizona on old Route 66. Taken July 14, 1994 by Walt Wimer

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