Minyard On The Go Photos

Minyard Food Stores is a popular grocery chain in the Dallas and
Fort Worth, Texas area. They have roughly 73 stores which are similar
to Kroger and Winn-Dixie in size.

Starting in 1997, they began selling gasoline at islands in the
store parking lot at a few stores. Now there are around 15 stores
with gas islands. The brand may look familiar to midwesterners.
This is the Clark On The Go brand, minus the Clark name.
This arrangement is a joint venture between Minyard and Clark Refining and
Marketing (Now known as Premcor).
(Thanks to Phil Case for providing the info on the arrangement.)
Still, it was unusual to see all the familiar On The Go logos
on a non-Clark station.

Two shots of the On The Go station at Beach and Belknap, Haltom City, Texas.
Taken July 4, 2004 by John Cirillo.

View of the sign at 8002 Ferguson Rd, Dallas, Tx.
Taken July 3, 2004 by Sonya Cirillo.

Views of the islands and cashier's shack at the 8002 Ferguson Rd, Dallas, TX location.
Taken July 3, 2004 by Sonya Cirillo.

The Ferguson Road location taken the prior year. A different view.
Taken July 2, 2003 by John Cirillo.

Close-up of the sign at the Ferguson Road location.
(Taken July 3, 2004 by Sonya Cirillo)

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