Clark map scan by John Cirillo

Clark letter sign along Historic 66 at Pontiac, IL.
The station is still there, but is no longer branded as Clark.
Taken July 16, 2004 by David Backlin.
Note: as of 2005, the station is a Marathon.

Here is a shot of the station behind the Clark sign above.
Photo taken Nov. 7, 2005 by David Aldred.

A Clark on-The-Go station on US66 in Springfield, Illinois.
Taken in Nov. 2004 by Robert Droz.

Two views of a closed Clark station at Second and Penn St.
in Hoopeston, Illinois. Taken April 2, 2005 by John Cirillo.

A new Clark in Frankfort, Indiana. Photo taken Nov. 1, 2008
by John Cirillo. Until recently this was a BP. The BP sign has been
painted over. Is Clark making a comeback?

Clark station at 1930 S. 4th St., Lafayette, Indiana.
This was one of the last Clark stations in the Lafayette area after
Clark sold their stores to pay off their bankruptcy.
This photo, taken May 9, 2004, was the last photo I took of
this station as a Clark. Not too long after, this station became
an Admiral station. Photo by John Cirillo.

Above are three views of the Clark station in Huntington, Indiana
on SR 5 just west of the Hwy 24 bypass. These were taken on
March 14, 2004 by Sonya Cirillo. Even though Clark has sold most
if not all of their stores, a few still remain. This particular
store is a franchise, and they get their fuel from a local jobber.
The manager was out when I stopped by and the clerk wasn't sure how long
they planned to continue under the Clark name. This is one of the
nicer stations with a full C-store inside.

1997 photo of a Clark on State Street at Salisbury in West Lafayette, Indiana.
Down the hill can be seen the fronts of some stores that are now gone,
replaced by an apartment complex. This station became a Citgo in 2003.
Click on the photo to see it as a Citgo (opens in new window).
Photo by John Cirillo.

1997 photo of a Clark in Logansport, Indiana on Market St (US 25) and Front St.
By John Cirillo.

A 2003 view of the above Clark in Logansport, Indiana.
Taken Oct. 19, 2003 by John Cirillo.

A 50's Clark sign donated by David Backlin

Two views of the Clark station at South Main at Everett, Lafayette, Indiana.
Photos taken Dec. 21, 2002 by John Cirillo.
This station was sold to Citgo and the signage was converted late in 2003.

Two photos of the Clark gas station at the corner of US-23 and Ottawa Drive in Oscoda, MI,
Taken May 27, 2001 by Bobby Peacock. Station was built in 1964.
Note: As of May 4, 2004, this station has been re-branded as Admiral. Info from Bobby Peacock.