Lukoil Photos

Lukoil is a Russian gasoline chain which has recently 'invaded' the U.S.
Richard Horwitz photographed this Lukoil station in the Bronx, NY (Bruckner Expy)
on March 20, 2004.

Richard commented:
The lettering on the pole sign is red. The "o" in "oil" is supposed to
be an oil drop with a little reflection which is colored white. The
sign is lighted from within. The sign on the canopy is opposite,
white with a red reflection in the drop.

There was no c-store, just an old hut that was left over from whatever
this used to be, perhaps a Getty. Regular sold for $1.859. (I waited to
get home in NJ where it is $1.579).

Richard Horwitz

Two shots of a Lukoil in New Jersey.
Taken Nov. 2003 by Robert Droz on his US 1 trip.

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