Standard of Kentucky (KYSO) Photos

1935 Standard of Kentucky by Robert V Droz

1962 KYSO just after purchase by Chevron in 1961. By Robert V Droz

1971 logo used by former KYSO stations before the full change to Chevron
By Robert V Droz

Actual photo of 1971-era KYSO sign, Ft. Meade, FL.
From FDOT records, donated by Robert V Droz.

A 1976 Standard/Chevron near Lake Placid, FL.
From Robert V. Droz.

A Chevron/Standard station in Miami, FL. Taken Dec. 2001 by Robert V.Droz.

I am nearly certain the sign is original, even if the mounting method is not.
This station last pumped gas as an automated "Wright Express", the logo is still on the front two
pumps (70's vintage)
The old old pump looks to be original, too.
Plant City, FL 2002, by Robert V. Droz.

1969 photo at Florida 26 and US 129, Trenton, FL. From Robert Droz.

1969 photo of a Standard of Kentucky and a Gulf sign outside Dundee, FL,
intersection of Florida 542 and US 27. From Robert Droz.

Another angle of the Standard of Kentucky at Florida 542 at US 27, Dundee, FL.
1969 photo donated by Robert Droz.

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