Standard of California/Chevron Photos

A scan of a 1960s Chevron station from literature.
Submitted by David Aldred.

New Chevron design in the San Jose, CA area seen in March, 2020 by Adam Evanko.

New Chevron signage at a Chevron in Napa, CA.
Photo taken March, 2020 by Adam Evanko.

A Standard station in Phoenix, Arizona on the southwest corner of Shea Road
and 32nd Street, just west of SR 51/Piestewa Expressway in Northern Phoenix.
Photo taken in Sept. 2005 by Josh Spencer.

Street sign at the above Phoenix Standard on Shea Road.
Photo taken in Sept. 2005 by Josh Spencer.

Standard logo on the side of the building at the above Phoenix location.
Photo taken in Sept. 2005 by Josh Spencer.

Closer view under the canopy at the above Phoenix location.
Photo taken in Sept. 2005 by Josh Spencer.

A Mobil Station at the intersection of Walnut Hill Ln. and I-35E
in Dallas, TX was recently converted to Chevron.
The street level signage was changed out to "Chevron" hardware,
but the highway sign hardware was kept "Mobil" with a "Chevron" insert.
Photo taken in May 2005 by David Aldred.

John Ford Chevron Dealer, Portland, Oregon, in June of 1959.
Also, a Richfield station can be seen at the left.
Photo taken by Walt Wimer.

Chevron in Central Florida, somewhere near Melbourne.
Taken in February, 1971 by Walt Wimer.
Note part of an American station visible at the left.

Chevron station in New York, somewhere north of Syracuse.
Photo taken in September, 1972 by Walt Wimer.
This had been a Calso station until 1959.

At Everett, WA on hwy 99, March 2000. From Mark Bozanich

A former Gulf rebranded to Chevron in the mid-80s.
Located at the corner of Ridglea and Camp Bowie in Fort Worth, Texas.
Photo taken around Nov. 30, 2004 by David Aldred.

Another shot of the above Ridglea station, taken in 2002 by David Aldred.

Bailey's Corner Chevron on Whidbey Island, Washington State. Located at Cultus Bay Rd. (left) and Jewett Rd. (right). Five miles southwest of Clinton. Named for the Bailey family, and prior to the building of the modern highway on Whidbey Island, Bailey Road ran over this stretch of Cultus Bay Road. Present Chevron station has been around since 2000. Was a Texaco in the 80's, then a BP from 90-94 then abandonded until 1999. Has standard Chevron pumps, but the are placed very close together, so very rarely can two cars fit on one side to make use of the two pumps. Pumps operate 24 hours.
Photo Taken Jan. 5, 2005 by Thomas Gill.

Clinton Chevron in Clinton, WA on Whidbey Island. Located at the intersection of WA SR-525 and Bob Galbreth Road. Been in existence since 1994 when the commercial park it is in was built. The odd-looking grey paint job on the sign covers the announcement that this WAS a 24 hour Chevron. According to Legend, the owner, fed up with the Island County Sheriff spending the night in his parking lot, chasing away customers, he decided to close each night from 1am to 4am (the same hours the ferries do not run). Pumps operate 24 hours, but there is no lighting, so it is at your own risk.
Photo taken Jan. 1, 2005 by Thomas Gill.

A 1970s style Chevron in Winter Haven, Florida, now closed.
Taken Dec. 2003 by Robert Droz.

A 1950s Chevron ad from David Aldred.

Two shots of an older Chevron visible pump sighted in Willow Springs, California.
Taken August 29, 2004 by J. Eric Freedner.

Two shots of some aging Chevron pumps in Philadelphia, Mississippi,
on MS19. Taken Nov. 2004 by Robert Droz.

A 1976 Standard/Chevron near Lake Placid, FL.
From Robert V. Droz.

A Chevron/Standard station in Miami, FL. Taken Dec. 2001 by Robert V.Droz.

Chevron - 1970's version, US 92 Seffner, FL - April 2003 (No gas sold here)
From Robert Droz.

Chevron station at the corner of Barrington Ave. and Sunset Blvd., Brentwood, CA. Has its own bell tower. This is one of the oldest continually operating stations in the West, and has been declared a historical architectural monument. I believe it dates from the 1920s or earlier, possibly back to the days of California Star Oil, but most certainly from when John D. Rockefeller was alive and kicking.
Photo and commentary by J. Eric Freedner. Taken in November, 2002.

A Tetco station carrying the Chevron brand.
This station located at O'Connor and Hwy 114 in Irving, TX.
Taken in 2003 by R. Victor Blood, Jr., the architect of the building.

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