Anchor Photos

ANCHOR........I never found out for sure, but always thought that ANCHOR was a
somewhat "secondary" brand of Southern Oil out of Ft. Lauderdale, where this
photo was taken late 1963/early 1964. I never saw more than a half-dozen or so
of them and they all disappeared after Southern was bought out by Delhi-Taylor
and in turn Hess. Just about all of their few stations were good, there just
wasn't very many of them!!
Walt Wimer

Additional comment by J. Eric Freedner:
ANCHOR OIL - I discovered it was a corporation, with HARRY BARKETT of Miami as
its chief officer. Barkett also owned BARKETT OIL COMPANY, a wholesaler,
whose trucks I used to see here and there. I kind of thought they were
PURE OIL distributors for awhile but I may be wrong.....anyway, it now seems
likely that in the course of business, Mr. Barkett learned of some stations
for sale, or needing branding, or maybe he just built a few new ones in the
heyday of Florida development--it was practically a can't-lose idea back then.
Perhaps he liked ships, or had been in the Navy, whatever....

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