Western, DS, and Mileage Photos

Mileage was one of the brands of Western Oil & Fuel Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
They had Mileage, Direct Service (DS) and Western stations.
Todd Liljedahl, Duluth, Minnesota.

Two views of a Mileage station in Emo, Ontario.
Taken August, 2004 by Andy Filer.

Scans from a 1950s DS/Mileage map of Minnesota provided by James D. Taylor.

Here's a scan of a DS uniform patch - the brand signage was in the same
oval pattern, colors, and style. I've also scanned and attached a charge ticket from our
"north station" [as opposed to our "east station"] with a bit of text explaining
where we operated in Sioux Falls.

The very last DS station I recall was in the early 1980's in Mankato, MN.
It was actually some off brand independent then - but they still had old
DS signage hanging up.
James D. Taylor, February 2004.