USA Petroleum Photos

USA Petroleum station at Barrington and San Vicente Blvd. in Brentwood, CA.
All have huge American flags to attract attention. I believe the company
started as Urich's Ben-Hur Stations/UCO Gasoline.
Photo and comments by J. Eric Freedner. Taken November, 2002.

Two shots of a USA Petroleum site,
Winter Haven, FL May 2003, from Robert Droz.
Maybe a former Colonial?
Looks much the same as the California site above.

Here's some history on the brand from a former USA emplyee:
On your USA Petroleum page, you ponder whether USA began as Urich/UCO.
As a former USA employee, perhaps I can fill in a few blanks.
In fact, USA was previously known as SkyPower. In the late 60's,
they changed their name to USA (U Save Automatic), and installed their
now trademark flagpoles. In 1975 or 76, USA bought all of the UCO stations
from Urich Oil, while Urich in turn purchased the fleet of USA Tanklines.