Tydol Photos

Tydol, circa 1936. From David Backlin.

From Walt Wimer:
Here is a post card I just picked up off eBay. This one is a general store in
East Barrington, N. H. with TYDOL gas. Neat due to the pumps with "shoebox"
globes and sign right in front of the store. TYDOL was one of my favorites
back in my grade school-junior high days when I first became interested in
gas stations and such, and I still have a couple of TYDOL maps I got way back then.
They even had a jobber in New Castle west of here at one time, but their stations
were dogs with no ID signs. And going back further, from old photos, I know they
had stations here in Butler in the 30s before the Associated merger and the
addition of the Flying A to their trademark.



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