Texaco Photos

Texaco is a subsidiary of Chevron, recently known as Chevron-Texaco Corporation
but as of summer 2005 they are known as Chevron Corporation.

David Backlin

John Cirillo

Robert Droz

David Backlin

Old Texaco in Decatur, Texas. Siding and roof made from petrified wood.
Besides the Texaco station, there is a cafe and motel cabins.
It is a designated historic place, so hopefully safe from the wrecking ball for now.
Location is the 600 block of Business 81/287, Decatur, Texas. Cross street is Hale St.
Photo taken May 23, 2008 by George Kelly.

Another view of the Petrified Wood station.
Photo taken May 23, 2008 by George Kelly.

A panoramic shot of Short Stop Texaco, Freeland, WA on Whidbey Island.
Located Accross from the "T" intersection of WA SR-525 and Freeland Avenue,
just west of the Main St., Fish Rd., 525 Intersection.
It is in a strip mall, next to a Pizza place (Harry's Gay 90's), that itself was a
gas station and garage until 1974. The Short Stop was built in 1993, and has
always been Texaco, and will probably stay Texaco, as at the next intersection
is a HUGE Shell station, built in 2000, owned by the same person.
Photos taken 1-20-2005 by Thomas Gill. Panoramic stitch by John Cirillo.

Close-up of the pump island at the above Short Stop station.
Photo taken Jan. 20, 2005 by Thomas Gill.

Texaco east of Tok, Alaska near the US-Yukon border.
Taken summer, 2003 by Craig Solomonson.

Three shots of a really nice old TEXACO in Knightstown, Indiana about a block off US 40.
I was driving down route 40 at 7:00 AM on the morning of September 16, 2003 when I spotted
the "banjo" sign down a side street in the downtown area.
"Whoa....Texaco doesn't even market in Indiana anymore"
....a quick right and I was headed around the block. This is what I found!!!

Really a neat old restored station. The globes are original, the sign a gem, and
inside there is a ton of old TEXACO stuff and a couple of old cars in the bays,
which aren't shown in my photos. Needless to say, being it was 7 AM, it wasn't open,
so I had no chance to find out more or look at all the stuff inside.
Knightstown is about half-way between Indianapolis and Richmond on US 40.
If you are traveling I-70, just take exit 115 down a couple of miles and you are there.
Worth a stop going through the area!!
Walt Wimer

John's notes: This is Trump's Texaco Museum at 39 N Washington St., Knightstown, IN.
Located on the S. E. corner of Washington and Brown Streets.

An old former Texaco station located on Germantown Ave. and Allegheny Ave. in North Philadelphia, PA.
Photos taken July 15, 2004 by Paul Geraci.
Paul's comments:
The station has a very interesting sign that is pictured from both sides in the first two photos.
The sign is mounted on the front of the building across the street from the station!
It advertises Texaco "hi test" with a space for the price and has a big red arrow pointing
across the street to the station. The bottom of the sign advertises car rentals. The sign is plastic,
so I imagine that it lit up at one time. The station is long closed. It is shown in the third photo.
Only the building and some lights remain. In the photo, you can still read "Texaco" over the garage doors
where the letters were removed from the building. The pumps are long gone. The original green bay doors,
green trim, and green stars remain. The building has stacks of tires in front, and looks like it is
being used as some sort of garage. I can only guess, since it has been closed during all the years I have
driven past it, that this station has not pumped gas since at least the 1970's from the sign,
and the color scheme and appearance. --Paul Geraci

An old Texaco sign just east of Mt. Pleasant, TX
along I-30. This seems to be someone's private sign
collection. Taken July 11, 2004 by David Backlin.

A 1970s style Texaco sign just east of Mt. Pleasant,
TX along I-30. Part of the same collection
as at left. Taken July 11, 2004 by David Backlin.

An unusual rural Texaco setting. This is in Danbury, Saskatchewan, Canada.
The location is Grid Road 753. This is a remote settlement at the
junction of two gravel roads. There is no gas here but the garage is
still open for repairs. Taken in July 2004 by Travis Meginbir.

Something nice to see: A traditional Stuckey's still operating.
Somewhere on I-40 in the Texas panhandle.
Taken May, 2004 by David Aldred.

An interesting Texaco in Deadwood, South Dakota.
Taken June 21, 2004 by Natalie Thompson.

A Texaco highway sign, on Route 66 (I-40) in Weatherford, OK.
Taken May, 2004 by David Aldred.

Once one of the most common signs on the road, the 1968-84 Texaco sign.
Located on Route 66 in McLean, Texas. Taken May, 2004 by David Aldred.

Haltom City, TX mid 1980s. Photo by John Cirillo.

Map scan from John Cirillo.

Interesting vertical Texaco sign from Robert Droz, taken Nov. 2003.
Located on Dale Mabry (US 92) in Tampa, FL.

Above 2001-era Havoline sign from Michael Wall, 8-2002

Texaco on Manor Drive, Bartow FL, 1971. Photo by Robert V. Droz.

Old Texaco at the corner of Pennsylvania and Mott in south St. Louis, MO.
The building is currently a body shop. Don't know how long the station has been closed.
Photos taken Feb. 22, 2002 by Rich Piehl.

A 1950s Stuckeys with Texaco from a postcard. Location: Gettysburg, PA.
Suggested by Bobby Peacock. Image obtained from stuckonstuckeys.com (now defunct)
by permission of P. Khan.

A Texaco in Royal, Iowa in 1949. From David Lien.

Here is a photo of a Texaco in Cassopolis, MI from a 1970s business directory.
Bobby Peacock.

The photo above, and the next three below, show a very unusual Texaco station.
Its building is called the "Matawan" design, introduced by Texaco in the
mid 1960's, when this station was probably built (info on Matawan design from Texaco's website).
It is a midwest adobe style building, with a small row of glass windows decorating the roof.
The service bays are on the side, as you can see. The front of the building has a
long row of big windows (originally meant for display) and a stone finish,
with Texaco in small black letters next to the windows.
The canopy unfortunately blocks your view of most of the windows.
I have seen many of these bulidings in closed Texaco stations that are being used
as auto repair shops, stores, or just abandoned, but this is the only Texaco station
that I know of still operating with this style of building!
This station is located at 9th St. and Bay Ave in the heart of Ocean City NJ.
Photos taken August 22, 2003
Paul Geraci

(All four above from Paul Geraci. Taken August 22, 2003)

Two shots of an old Texaco in Franklinton, NC.
Taken Nov, 2003 by Robert Droz on his US 1 trip.