SuperTest Photos

Part One, Supertest Canada

Map scans: Left, John Cirillo (1926-1955 logo).     Right, David Backlin (1955-1974 logo).

Two from a 1965 map of Ontario, Canada.
From Robert Droz, Jan. 2003.

Note: This was Supertest Oil Co. of London, Ontario.
British Petroleum bought them in 1967. The name was phased out around 1974.

Part Two, SuperTest and SuperTest-Joy America (Florida)

(Not related to Supertest Canada, above)

Of all the Florida brands, SUPERTEST is probably the best known. Most likely due
to the fact the brand expanded to at least a half-dozen other southeastern states
and is still around today. Originally Supertest Oil & Gas based in Tampa, the
long time private brander sold out to Signal Oil & Gas around 1960 when that
California refiner was in the process of trying to be a major player in gasoline
and service stations. A little over a decade later they changed their mind and
sold off all their many holdings such as the HANCOCK & NORWALK brands along with
SUPERTEST, BILLUPS & SOC. At that time the SUPERTEST brand passed to Charter Oil
based in Jacksonville. But that company eventually went bankrupt and along the
way Mr. Hughey, who had ties to the original Tampa based Supertest company, gained
the use of the name and logo. Today the brand continues in a number of states
from Florida to Virginia. I also believe a small number of SUPERTEST stations in
Kentucky, and the rights to the name in that state, were sold off to Somerset
Refining, which continues to operate them under the SUPERTEST name. (I have a
1994 photo of one)
Walt Wimer

TOP.......Perry, Fla. on U. S. 27 south, 1960. This station was typical of many SUPERTEST stations before the sell off to Signal. The large sign, which I think had chase lights and neon, was used at their better sites. Elsewhere they used the double arm metal w/paper price signs shown hanging from the main sign here. This also is a good shot of the pumps for your book. Red sides with white faces with a decal that showed a refinery above the brand name. These were the standard pumps in the 50s/60s era. Note the big Caddy getting filled up on low buck gas!!!
MIDDLE......Folkston, Ga. on U. S. 1, Feb. 13, 1977. This would have been after the Signal sell off of the brand to Charter and shows the newer plastic signs. Folkston is right north of the Florida border and once was a gas station hot spot for the tourists. There also were BILLUPS & COLONIAL stations here.

BOTTOM.......1981.......Taken during a fall trip back to Florida but I failed to mark the location. I think it was on the southwest coast someplace, but not really sure. Walt

Two shots of a SuperTest station in Tappahannock, Virginia (US-17).
Taken Dec. 2004 by Paul Crumlish.

Three shots of a Joy America/SuperTest station in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Taken Jan. 2005 by Paul Crumlish.

Two images of the Supertest - Joy Foods at 618 8th Street, Fernandina Beach, Florida.
Taken June 4, 2004 by Alex Wong.

SuperTest - Joy America on Ohio Ave. in Live Oak, FL.
2002 photo from Tod Allen.

A SuperTest - Joy America station in Temple Terrace, FL off Fowler Ave.
Taken Jan, 2003 by Robert Droz.

One of the pumps at the Temple Terrace location above.
A sticker on the pump mentions the amusement park and a 1936 date.
From Robert Droz, August 2003.

SuperTest-Joy Food Stores are a brand of Tampa-based L.M. Hughey Co.
See more on the SuperTest-Joy history at the following links:



Part Three, Super Test Indiana (not related to above)

Two photos of the Super Test in Lafayette, Indiana. Located at the NE corner of US52 and SR38.
Photos taken Nov. 2002 by Sonya Cirillo.
I was told by an employee that the building next door to this station
(not seen here) is the headquarters for this brand.

Another Indiana Super Test I found in Attica, Indiana.
Taken May 26, 2003 by John Cirillo.

Part Four, Supertest in Callahan Florida, likely an independent.

Two photos of the Supertest in Callahan, Florida. This likely one of a kind
claims no connection to the SuperTest of the L.M. Hughey Company.
Taken Nov. 2003 by Robert Droz on his US 1 trip.

Part Five, Super Test in Ypsilanti, MI.

Super Test station in Ypsilanti, Michigan, mid to late 1970s.
Taken by David Rowlison. The company David worked for bought
12 of these stations from United Refining. There were many more.
These are believed to not be related to any of the other
Super Test chains on this page.