Superior 400 Photos

Superior 400 logo from a map scan.

Superior 400 sign in Danville, IL. Photo taken July 9, 1973 by Walt Wimer.

Walt's notes on this brand:
SUPERIOR 400 was the Superior Oil Co. out of Des Monies, Iowa.
In the early 60s they merged with Carpenter Oil Co, which
by that time owned the CORYELL 70 operation out of Nebraska.
At their height there were some 130-150 SUPERIOR "400" stations
in at least 8 Midwestern states. However, nearly 100 of them were in Iowa.
In 1971 they sold out to Gulf and the stations were rebranded to GULF as
the company was expanding in the Midwest. Collectibles include pump globes,
oil cans, and several maps. Maps date back to at least the late 40s and
include at least three "generic" designs through the mid 60s.