Sunoco Photos

A new (as of 2006) Sunoco sign on SR436 in Forest City, FL.
While most new signs use a square background, this new sign is
made in the older free-standing style.
Photo taken in 2006 by Mark Logas.

A Sunoco on Washington Ave, Albany, New York.
Photo credit:Aidan LaBella, age 4.
Submitted July 2, 2004.

Sunoco at the Sideling Hill Service Plaza on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.
Taken March 28, 2004 by Patrick Johnson.
This service plaza replaced the old Cove Valley plaza
that was bypassed in the 1960's.

Three shots of a Sunoco in Delphi, Indiana, 1995 by Sonya Cirillo

New photo of above Sunoco in Delphi, taken Oct, 17, 2003 by John Cirillo.
As of December 2003, this station was boarded up and the signs removed.

Sunoco in Logansport, IN, 1995 by Sonya Cirillo.

Two new shots of the Sunoco station in Logansport, Indiana (seen above).
Taken Feb. 9, 2003 by Sonya Cirillo
Note: as of 2007 this station is now a Valero.

From Paul Geraci

Sunoco tank in Huntington, Indiana 1998.
Photo by Sonya Cirillo.

Old Sunoco pumps, Algonac, Michigan.
Taken 2003 by Andy Songal.
Thanks to Scott Ousky for identifying the location,
and for informing us that as of 2009 the station is
still there, but closed.

Lakeland, FL 1974. The Exxon station is now a Hooters, the Sunoco a coin shop,
the American at far right is an Amoco (for now), the IHOP is still there,
and the Holiday Inn (minus the sign).
Donated by Robert V. Droz.

A Sunoco and several other brands in Tampa, FL 1974. From Robert V. Droz.

Sunoco's A-Plus mart in Philadelphia, PA taken in summer, 2001.
Photo by Paul Geraci.

A former Sunoco in Logansport, Indiana on the corner of Market (US 25) and Front Street.
This station has not pumped gas at least since 1995 but is still being used as some sort of garage.
Photo taken Oct. 19, 2003 by John Cirillo.

An old Sunoco in western Connecticut.
Taken Nov 2003 by Robert Droz on his US 1 trip.

A defunct Sunoco on Grant Street in Fowler, Indiana.
Taken Aug. 11, 2007 by John Cirillo.