Sunland Photos

Sunland map scan, 1970. From David Aldred, October 2003.

A Sunland curb sign from David Aldred's collection.

A Sunland oil can from David Aldred's collection.

More Sunland cans from John Mulhern.

Historical Notes:

Marketing from at least the 1930's, Sunland Refining Corporation was
originally based in Fresno, later in Bakersfield, California,
where they had a refinery. Sunland branded stations could be found
throughout California and (for a while) in Arizona.
According to a 1960's NPN article I once read, Sunland's dealer count
was around 200. The company had its own credit card program,
private brand tire program (I have one of their tire stands), and
branded motor oil which was advertised on the back of their (fairly rare) maps.
In the mid-70's, the company was purchased by World Oil.
Over the following 15 years, the brand appears to have faded from use.
The green and orange logo shown on this map was adopted in the early 60's,
the earliest map I've seen with this sign dates from 1962.
Examples from the 50's do not have a logo on the front cover
(simply the word "Sunland"), the oil can on the back cover using
a logo reflecting their period pump sign.
-- David Aldred.