Sonic Photos

Sonic station on North Main St. in Fort Worth, Texas
2000 photos by Sonya Cirillo

Notes from David Aldred:

Sonic was one of the brands used in at least the Dallas/Fort Worth area for
the former Hancock stations after Charter's purchase of the former eastern
area Signal Oil and Gas stations in 1970 (Hancock and Billups brands).
Other brands used with Sonic after the sale were Billups (of course),
Dixie Vim (I remember one of these at Alta Mesa and Hwy 80 in W. Ft. Worth)
and later, Charter. An independent jobber converted some of the former
Hancock stations to A/OK Buy Low but I don't know if these were related.
Most, if not all of these have since closed, with a few dualling up with
other brands like Citgo and Phillips for a time in the late 80's/early 90's.
Dixie Vim seemed to disappear from the area in the mid-80's, Sonic and
Billups went away in the mid 90's with a few of the Billups converting to
Charter first. Many of the former Billups locations are still open and
selling other brands such as Diamond Shamrock and Gas for Less, while the
Sonics seemed to just close up. This would lead one to believe they were
sold off piecemeal. I have heard that the former Billups stations in
South Texas and Louisiana were converted to Coastal, perhaps someone
else can enlighten further.