Solo Photos

Solo Gas on Lake Bradford Rd., Tallahassee, FL.
2002 photo by Tod Allen.

SOLO..........I don't know a thing about the company except they took over
some lesser KAYO sites sometime in the 60s/70s. No question the station is
an old major brand "cottage" station, probably an ex-PURE. It was KAYO when
I first saw it sometime in the early 50s and I went to high school only about
a half-mile from it. The station was located on Hammondville Road just off
Dixie Highway in Pompano Beach. I took this photo on a return trip in 1977.
Back in the pre-Conoco days Kayo used to take over closed major brand sites
quite often and probably did so here. There were probably 3-6 stations that
were changed from KAYO to SOLO, but feel quite sure they are all gone today.
Probably was a case of Conoco selling off some of the lower volume KAYO stations.


Walt Wimer