Scot Photos

Photo of a closed Scot station on Warburton Ave at Babcock Pl, Yonkers, New York.
View is to the north. Taken Dec. 23, 2004 by J. Eric Freedner.

View of same Scot station above, this time looking south.
Taken Dec. 23, 2004 by J. Eric Freedner.

Two more photos of the above Scot station in Yonkers. NY.
Station now appears to be used as a car repair shop.
Photos taken on Dec. 23, 2004 by J. Eric Freedner.

A re-shoot of the Scot station in Yonkers, New York (Warburton Ave. at Babcock Pl.)
Taken June 26, 2005 by J. Eric Freedner.

Scot station from the Washington, D.C. area around 1965.
The company was Petroleum Marketing Corp. of McLean, Va.
Somewhere along the line they were taken over by Standard (Ohio)/B P,
but I don't know if it was before or after BP became the controlling
interest in Standard. I sort of think it was before.
The company did list in the NPN "Fact Books" for many years,
having 135 stations in 1974 and getting as high as 157 in 1989.
As far as I know the brand is gone, phased out and into BP.
Photo and text from Walt Wimer.