Rocket Photos

ROCKET dates back to the 60's or earlier, connected with RIO GRANDE GASOLINE.
This station, the "Lander Rocket" is found on Lander Avenue in Turlock, CA.
Photos taken August 2003 by J. Eric Freedner.
Building now used for car repairs, but old Rocket sign is still on roof.

Bettancourt Market is a much older Rocket station along Route 165 north of
Hilmar, California. It looks like something from the 1940s. The Rocket sign
appears to be made of wood. Building is abandoned at present.
Photo taken Sept. 3, 2003 by J. Eric Freedner.

Some old Rocket-branded pumps at Ruesga's Auto Repair and Used Car Lot
in Hilmar, California along Route 165.
Taken Sept. 1, 2003 by J. Eric Freedner.