Regal Photos

Regal (Florida)

REGAL:This one popped up in the late 50's and quickly built a small chain
of probably 10-15 pretty decent stations. But they didn't last long, selling
out to Humble in the early 60s when Standard of NJ went looking for private
brand chains to make up for all their lost business when Standard of Ky. merged
with Standard of Calif. This photo taken in early 1961 is of a station on
U.S. 1 in West Palm Beach, FL and I think the company was headquartered in that
city. Most of their stations ran up the coast from West Palm and over a bit
inland to at least Okeechobee. I think I still have a handout of some kind of
special at one of their stations.

Walt Wimer

Regal (San Jose, CA based, unrelated to Regal of Florida)

Original red logo prior to purchase by Signal around 1960.

Two Regal logos. Top one is the blue crown used by Signal Oil and Gas during their
ownership of the brand through 1971 (and by successor owners).
As seen above, the former logo was red.
After 1971, the Regal logo was modified to the bottom purple version.
Stations were rebranded Exxon in the late '80's.
From David Aldred, Oct 2003.

J. Eric Freedner adds: REGAL of San Jose, California, was for at least part of its
existence connected with a wholesaler, WICKLAND OIL. I think Wickland was in
Sacramento. WICKLAND's tanker trucks had purple cabs, and their emblem was a
letter W with a drop of oil beneath it.
Now look at the last REGAL's a stylized "W" with the oil, too!
For a time, WICKLAND was buying from TOSCO at its Avon Refinery.

Here is a Regal station in West Sacramento, CA around 1984.
Submitted by "San Fernando Valley Guy" on May 27, 2004.