Red & White Photos

Here is a shot of a RED & WHITE station in Miami taken in late 1959 or early 1960.
RED & WHITE was one of several private brands of Superior Oil Co., a Miami jobber,
who also had a smaller branded RICHFIELD (NY) operation on the side.
RED & WHITE was the best of Superior's brands and probably had 15+ stations in the late 50s/early 60s.
Most were like this one, conventional with lube bays. Not a lot of price advertising,
just the double arm pole with the logo ID sign on one side and price on the other.
Nice price....22.9¢!!!. Signs were plastic and there were RED & WHITE decals
on the pumps, but no maps, cans or globes that I know of. The logo somewhat reminds one
of the RED & WHITE franchised food markets, which still may be around in some parts
of the country, except their logo was in a circle. Don't know what happened to
Superior or the RED & WHITE brand, but most likely the same old story....70s
gas shortages and the advent of C-store gasoline.


Walt Wimer