Pure Oil Co. Photos

Above map scan and photos from John Cirillo.

A new photo of a Pure station in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
This station is located at Interstate 59 and US49.
Photo taken July 10, 2012 by David Aldred.

A Pure in Clearwater, Florida.
This location was formerly an Amoco.
Taken April, 2004 by Robert Droz.

Unusual Pure logo with the bird logo and slogan.
Located on State Road 71 in Altha, Florida.
Taken Dec. 31, 2003 by Tod Allen.

Book cover graphic submitted by Paul Geraci, Oct. 2002.
Book title: The United States and Canada, 1966 ed., Ginn and Company.

Two photos of an old (pre-1970 Union Oil merger) Pure Oil sign in Zolfo Springs, FL. Taken in 2002 by Robert Droz.

Pure Oil Company map of Michigan from about 1966. From the personal collection of Bobby Peacock.

An operating Pure station on US 90 in Quincy, FL.
Apparently someone in North Florida is resurrecting the Pure name.
Photo taken Feb. 2003 by Tod Allen.

Here's more from Bill Heger explaining why Pure is reappearing:

Unocal 76 discontinued branded marketing in the deep south during the 1990's.
When this happened, the Pure name was reintroduced onto several former
Unocal stations by a jobber. See page 210 of the book Gas Stations
by Wayne Henderson and Scott Benjamin.