Powerine Photos

Above two from Dave Leach

A former Powerine location in Lynwood, California.
Taken Sept. 2003 by J. Eric Freedner.

Powerine was based in Denver. They were purchased by a Standard of New Jersey
subsidiary in 1938(?) or 1945 per another source.
The Powerine name was kept until after World War II, when they changed to
the Oval-E name. The Oval-E logo is strikingly similar to Esso and Enco
and many other brands which were owned by Standard of New Jersey.
The above Oval E example is from 1949.

(Most of the above information from "Guide to Gasoline Logos"
by Wayne Henderson and Scott Benjamin.)

There is also a website dedicated to Powerine which contains a lot
more history and photos than I have here. I do not intend to duplicate
their efforts, so if you are interested in this brand, plese visit: