Pennzoil Photos

A 7-Eleven store co-branded with Pennzoil, located on Highland Ave. in New Castle, PA.
Photo taken in summer 2005 by Joe Gerard.

A 7-Eleven co-branded with Pennzoil on PA 65 in Shenango Township, just outside New Castle, PA.
Photo taken in summer of 2005 by Joe Gerard.

Three pics of a Pennzoil station in Stephenville, TX taken in Sept. 2004 by David Aldred.
This is a lube bay, car wash, and gas station with Pennzoil canopy and pumps.

There are still a few Pennzoil stations in Pennsylvania.
Above two from Robert V. Droz

Pennzoil in Bowling Green, Ohio.
Taken by Alexander Knecht on August 27, 2003.

Joe Gerard stated that Shell bought out Pennzoil-Quaker State in 2002.
Shell hasn't decided if the remaining Pennzoil stations will
remain as-is or convert to Shell.
In the meantime, SOPUS (the holding company for Pennzoil, Quaker State,
Jiffy Lube, and other car care brands outside Shell's core business)
signed a deal with 7-Eleven in 2003 to co-brand the remaining company-owned
Pennzoil stations with 7-Eleven.