Unnamed Photos

These are photos that can't easily be associated with a particular brand,
or where the brand is unknown.

Two views of an abandoned station on US270 at Haylesville, Oklahoma.
Taken Feb. 1, 2009 by David Backlin. Maybe Texaco?

This is a former Sunland Refining station at Sunland Boulevard and Penrose Street,
Sun Valley, CA, taken Nov. 30, 2002 by J. Eric Freedner. The station was built
in 1956 and the green and orange oval Sunland sign once fit into the sign that
now says "SMILE." The small station (painted in black trim) sits in front of the
mechanics' stalls around it.
The pumps were at the station for quite some time after Sunland closed down in the
'75 energy crunch. I remember them being boarded up in plywood until at least 1982.
About the SMILE sign: The premises were owned by Sun Valley Tire for a number of years,
and the old owner of the store used to stand on the corner, waving at all the cars
going by and demanding the drivers "smile" for him. He was quite a character, but
most people did honk and wave! After some years he passed away and was mourned
in the local newspaper.
-- J. Eric Freedner.

Going... going... The following photo was taken Feb. 29, 2004 as a
wrecking crew was dismantling the station. Photo by J. Eric Freedner.

Gone! This last photo sent by J. Eric Freedner on March 5, 2004
shows the remains after the wrecking crew took out the building.

This station is located on E. Main (US35) and Howard St. in
Greentown, Indiana. Photo taken Oct. 17, 2004 by John Cirillo.

Another view of the above station in Greentown, IN.
Taken Oct. 17, 2004 by John Cirillo.

Here are four views of an interesting location in Williamsville, IL.
This station is located on Elm Street, which is part of old Route 66.
This seems to be a souvenir or hobby store. A sign reads "Die Cast Models"
however they were not open when we stopped by so I don't know for sure
what they are selling. The sign on top reads "The Old Station" and I am
guessing this once was a filling station of some kind.
Photos taken June 30, 2003 by John Cirillo.

More photos will be added to this section as the need arises.