Neptune (Australia) Photos

Neptune was started by John Kitchen and sons in 1909.
They bought petrol from Socony. Their petrol was sold
under the brand of Waratah, when Kitchen joined the
worldwide Lever group in 1924.
Neptune continued to sell petrol under the name Waratah
after Neptune was sold to Shell in 1926.
Shell replaced the Waratah name with Neptune in 1952
and kept the name Neptune until 1969. After that,
everything changed to Shell.
This 1967 map was the last with the Neptune name.
Map scan and information From Jim Sonter.

A Neptune at Fiveways Auto Centre in East Denistone, NSW.
Taken in 1960. Submitted by Jim Sonter.
This station had been selling Caltex for the last 16 years
when it was pulled down in 2007.
You can click on the image for a somewhat larger version which opens in a new window.

A Neptune garage in Tasmania around 1958. Submitted by Jim Sonter.
Jim comments that the Neptune garages were white with blue lettering
and the signs were blue with white graphics/lettering.
Really like this photo. Look at those spinners across the front on a line!
This almost looks like a toy gas station I had as a kid. In my version,
the Lubritorium had an elevator that took the cars to the roof for parking.
Great photo. Thanks, Jim!
You can click on the image for a much larger version which opens in a new window.