Mustang Photos

A Mustang station in Seligman, Arizona.
Taken 8-12-2013 by David Aldred. It has since been converted to Union 76.

A Mustang station in Safford, Arizona.
Taken Nov. 16, 2007 by David Aldred.

A close-up of the sign at the above station in Safford.

A Mustang dual branded with Conoco in Gallup, New Mexico.
Taken in May, 2004 by David Aldred.

Mustang photo, location not given, probably New Mexico.
From David Aldred, Oct. 2003.
David's notes on this brand:
Mustang is the brand name reserved for smaller locations supplied by
Giant Refining as far as I know. The major locations use the "Giant" name.

Another elusive Mustang location. Gallup, NM.
Taken May, 2004 by David Aldred.

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