Martin Photos

Martin, from the 1950s. From David Backlin

Martin map from around 1972. From David Aldred.

Martin gas sign from Matt Martin.

Here are a couple of Florida MARTIN stations. I am about 99.8% sure this company had no relation to the much better known Illinois Martin companies. This operation is based in the Jacksonville area and I think dates back to the early 60s. The first couple of stations I remember were in the Jacksonville area and looked like old SUPERTEST stations. Unless they have grown a lot in recent years, I doubt they ever had more than 10 stations at any one time. I don't know the company name, but probably "Martin Oil Co." or something like that. Martin Oil Service got as far south as Atlanta, but never entered the Florida market, so maybe they didn't due to this company having rights to the name in the state.

TOP.........Inverness on Florida 44 west. November 8, 1986. High volume C-store and the furthest from Jacksonville that I ever saw the brand.

BOTTOM......Jacksonville on US 90 east (Beach Blvd.) July 4, 1995. At this time they also had one on US 1 in St. Augustine.


Walt Wimer