Liberty Photos

Part One, Liberty in Australia

A Liberty station in Casino, New South Wales, Australia.
The station was probably built in the 1930s, but Liberty
has been in Australia for about 20 years.
Probably the upstairs was once the living quarters for the operator.
Photo taken August 2004 by Jim Sonter.

Another Liberty station, again in Casino, NSW.
As with the other station, the living quarters were upstairs.
The building dates probably from the 1930s.
Photo taken by Jim Sonter, August 2004.

Part Two, Liberty in the U.S.A.

Liberty Station, Tampa, FL
Taken by Robert Droz, August 2003
Former Texaco site, now owned by "Golf Oil"

Liberty station, Fort Smith, Arkansas.
Taken Sept. 2003 by David Backlin.
Former Phillips 66 location.