Koppartrans (Sweden) Photos

Here are photos of the Swedish brand Koppartrans. Koppartrans was formed
by the mining company "Stora Kopparberg" and the shipping company
"Transatlantic" in 1947. They started by buying an American oil
refinery that had been used during World War II. They built this refinery
outside Gotheburg on the Swedish west coast and it is still used and
still growing! They built a network of gasoline stations during the 50's.
In 1959 SHELL took over 50% of the company, and around 1963/64 they took
over the rest. Re-branding took place during the late 60's, and by the
early 70's, the brand was gone. Nowadays it has started a new life as a
clothing design brand. Koppartrans is today one of the most collectable
gas brands in Sweden and very popular. The flame in the gryphon's mouth is
said to symbolize the eternal flame on an oil field.

Here is a 40 inch porcelain sign.

Here is a service station in Gothenburg. I believe the station is 50's due to the use of the
Ljungmans model "STAR 76" pumps. They were replaced during the late 50s by another model.
I believe the station is gone, but there is probably a modern SHELL station at the same place.

One of the oil cisterns at the refinery in Gothenburg.

All text and photos from Claes Wallin, June 1, 2004.