Kangaroo Photos

There are a number of Kangaroo stations in Northeast Florida. This one is on
US 301 in Starke, FL. Photo taken Nov, 2002 by Tod Allen.

Two shots of a Kangaroo station in Jacksonville, FL.
Taken Nov. 3, 2003 by Robert Droz on his US 1 trip.

Kangaroo in North Gulfport, Mississippi on US 49,
4 miles north of I-10. A former BP station.
Taken by Paul Huerkamp of New Orleans, LA, Feb 2004.
Submitted via Robert Droz.

The Pantry, based in Sanford N.C. (later Cary NC) acquired Docks USA and its
Lil Champ stores in 1997. At the time, chains that The Pantry acquired kept
their original names. In 1999, The Pantry acquired Kangaroo Inc (Kangaroo)
from the Gainesville Georgia based Mansfield Oil Co.
In 2003, The Pantry decided to consolidate all of their many operating
banners into one operating banner and chose Kangaroo as their primary
operating banner going forward. In the next few years to follow,
majority of the store network was converted to the Kangaroo and
Kangaroo Express brand. In 2015, Alimentation Couche-Tard, parent
company of Circle K acquired The Pantry and majority of the Kangaroo
Express stores were converted to Circle K, however, some remained under
its Kangaroo Express banner and that became the foundation for a new
franchise program. Today, Kangaroo Express brand continues
as a lower cost franchise program offered by Circle K for stores
that either can nott afford the Circle K franchise or for smaller older
stores or any stores that do not fit Circle K.
In 2020, Circle K started shedding its self from many older smaller
stores by selling them under the Kangaroo Express franchise.
Thanks to Kenneth Johnson, formerly with The Pantry and Kangaroo.

A Kangaroo Express franchise store in Memphis TN on March 4, 2023.
This store was constructed ground up as a Kangaroo Express franchise.
Courtesy of Kenneth Johnson