Inco Photos

INCO Gasoline in San Bernardino. Located at 5th and H Streets. Photos taken 9-19-04. Sign survived due to a bit of serendipity (and spilled fuel). Station is now a toxic/environmental clean-up zone and the sign is kept up only to quickly identify the site!

Station design looks like one of those POWERINE jobs which later perhaps became a TEXACO. Note the shape of the sign frame seems to be that of the older style 70's TEXACO signs. Looks like someone just cut a piece of plexiglas to fit in there.

Photos taken Sept. 19, 2004 by J.Eric Freedner.

Update on the station history and design from David Aldred:
This was formerly a Wilshire, and then a Gulf before it was Inco. While the arch design may be similar to Powerine, this was Wilshire's design as can be seen on some of their maps. When the name changed to Gulf in 1965, they actually kept the Wilshire rectangle and inserted the Gulf lettering with an orange border...I can remember the maps I collected at the time saying "stop at the orange disc" and I'd never seen one! Click here for a pop-up window showing a Wilshire station from a map scan.