Hurricane Photos

Here is one probably few in the hobby ever saw. A HURRICANE station. They were a
one city operation just around the Orlando area back in the 50s-60s.
This one was in Orlando and the picture was taken in 1960.
The company name wasn't "Hurricane" but darned if I can remember it and since
they never listed in the NPN, there is no place to look it up. I doubt they ever
had much more than 10 stations, but they were pretty common around the Orlando area.
Typical Florida discount operation of the day, with the double arm signage and a
bunch of clutter. Stations all had green & orange pumps, with white stations trimmed
in those colors. The signs were painted board I think, but could have been metal.
Locally made I am sure, one with the brand name and the other with the price or "2¢ Less".
My guess the "energy crisis" and the competition from 7-ELEVEN & CIRCLE K (both big
in Orlando) killed them. (Orlando once was a great independent city, but rather
boring today!!) They had a triangle decal on the pumps, white with a swaying palm tree,
but that would probably be the only possible collectible from the brand and I
have never seen one off the pumps back in the days I lived in DeLand. Too bad they
didn't have maps, globes or oil cans!!!


Walt Wimer