Hull Photos

Hull Oil Co. of Panama City, Florida was a later entry into the Sunshine State
market. As far as I know, they didn't come along until after the "energy
crisis" of the 70s when many of the 50s/60s brands were gone. The first one
I ever saw was in Mobile, Ala. in 1978 on a trip to Florida when we took the
"scenic route" The company only had 12 stations in 1978, but got as high as
35 in 1987 according to the annual NPN figures. President & CEO of the
company was a fellow by the name of Deck Hull. However, by 1990 Anne Hull
was listed as president and Nancy Hull as sec-treas. Then by 1994 she is
listed as Anne Hull-Dick and Nancy is still sec-treas. It would appear that
Mr. Hull passed away and his wife took over the company and then later
remarried. However, that is only speculation. The company is no longer
listed in the annual facts issue of the NPN, but that doesn't mean a whole
lot as companies seem to come and go on that listing and also the NPN seems
to have cut down on the number of smaller companies listed in their marketing
management/address section. The company seems to have had a number of
different types of stations in their marketing mix. In 1990 they had 28
stations supplied directly and 3 by jobbers. There were 13 lessee/dealer sites
and 9 salary operated. All their stations, except for one in Mobile, were
in the Florida Panhandle. Having not been to that area since 1986 and with
the company no longer listed in the NPN, I have no idea of their current status.
Walt Wimer

Additional information, June 2005:
Anne Hull is Deck Hull's daughter, and Deck is still alive. they live in Panama City, FL.
He had clever billboards that played on the name H - LL and got people's attention.
The Hull stations were very clean, well landscaped and had polite staff.

TOP.....Mobile, Alabama, November 1978. The station was located on US 43 north if my memory is correct. This was the first HULL station I ever saw, and to my knowledge, the only one they ever had out of Florida. This was in the early days of self-service and note their sign which reads "u-do-it"!!! Just a "gas only" with a small kiosk and small storage building that probably didn't even have a rest rooms.
MIDDLE.....Springfield, Florida on US 98, October 30, 1986. Springfield is a small town right east of Panama City. I can't remember if this was just a "gas only" pumper or if there was a C-store to the right of the photo.
BOTTOM.....Panama City, Florida on US 98 west. October 30, 1986. Unique C-store station design for a site that might have sold more beer than gas!! At least they were pushing the beer sales pretty good.

Above contributed and written by Walt Wimer
May, 2003