Hat n' Boots Photos

The Hat n' Boots station at 6800 Corson Ave. S at E. Marginal Way in the Georgetown district of Seattle, Washington. Photo taken around 1954. This unique station was designed by Lewis H Nasmyth and built in 1954. Starting out as Premium Tex, selling Texaco products, the hat served as the station roof and the boots were the rest rooms. Later, the words Premium Tex were replaced by the words Hat n' Boots.

1970s photo showing the change to Hat n' Boots.

The Hat n' Boots finally closed in 1988 and had been deteriorating badly over the last 15 years. After various attempts to purchase the station, and some threats to have it torn down, the local Georgetown Community Council purchased the station and in December of 2003 it was dismantled and moved to nearby Oxbow Park, where it will be reconstructed to its original design.
To learn more about the history and future of this unique station, including a timeline and a lot more photos, feel free to visit the www.hatnboots.org website.

Above photos courtesy of the Georgetown Community Council, Hat n' Boots project.


In June, 2006 we visited the Hat 'n Boots at their new location in Oxbow Park, located at the 6400 block between Carleton Ave. S. and Corson Ave. S., just four blocks from its original location. It's amazing that they were able to remove the layer of concrete from the hat and keep the steel infrastructure intact. As of now, just this skeleton remains, but the hope is to raise enough money to restore it to some semblance of its former self. The boots on the other hand look great.

Above three photos taken by John Cirillo, June 13, 2006.
© 2006, John Cirillo.