Gulf Photos


Here are 2 shots of a newly branded Gulf at 8400 Burnet Rd. in Austin, TX on January 23, 2012.
Before Gulf, the station was Major Brand and BP before that.
Photos taken by Anthony Cochran.

One of five shots of a 1950s Gulf sign & 1970s pump located at 446 Pelican Ave. in New Orleans, LA.
Taken on August 21, 2011 by Anthony Cochran. The building is now a restaurant called Gulf Pizza.
Click on the photo (above) to see a new page with all five of the photos.

A new-style Gulf in Vincennes, Indiana. Probably started as a Texaco.
Photo taken April 9, 2011 by John Cirillo.

A nice-looking older Gulf location in Telegraph, Texas.
Still doing business as of Nov. 2004 when photo was taken.
Photo by David Aldred.

Two more photos of the above Gulf station in Telegraph, Texas.
I notice there is a historical marker placed in front.
Hopefully the station will be there for future generations to see.
Taken Feb. 2005 by David Aldred.

Old Gulf sign in Ballinger, Texas.
Photo taken in May, 2005 by Marcia Cirillo.

Various signs at Cal Adair Oil Company in Ballinger, Texas.
It looks like it once was a gas dealer, but is now a car museum.
Photo taken in May, 2005 by Marcia Cirillo.

An old Gulf pump in the town of Castolon inside Big Bend, Texas.
The pump is in front of a store that is still operating, though the pump is not!
Photo taken in May, 2005 by Marcia Cirillo.

A Gulf tank car at the Indiana Transportation Museum, Noblesville, Indiana.
Photo taken July 3, 2010 by John Cirillo.

A second view of the above tank car, taken by John Cirillo, July 3, 2010.

Third and last view of the Gulf tank car in Noblesville, IN.
Photo taken by John Cirillo, July 3, 2010.

A gulf station on PA18, Rochester Pennsylvania.
Station was formerly a Texaco.
Taken in fall of 2005 by Joe Gerard.

Gulf station in Wells, Maine. Taken Sept. 1, 2004 by Charles Hathaway.

Gulf in Temple, TX at I-35 and Adams, around 1984.
Photo by John Cirillo.

Gulf on Belknap at Sylvania, Fort Worth, TX, around 1984.
Photo by John Cirillo.

Gulf from New York, US 1.
Taken Nov. 2003 by Robert Droz.

A Gulf station on Trehäradsvägen (The Three-county-road) in Eslöv, Sweden.
Station built in late 1940s (blueprint dated 6/6 1946, architect: Mr. Helge Barkenius). Photo from the 1950s.
Donated by Håkan Drakarve, 2002.

An old Gulf station from the late 1920s-early 1930s. Photo taken in the 1930s. (Station torn down in the late 50s).
Station located at 24 South Street, Eslöv, Sweden.
Donated by Håkan Drakarve, 2002.

Gulf pump made by Erie, circa 1959.
This pump was recently available for sale at
Courtesy of Willie Niedermayr.

A Gulf and a Standard of Kentucky at the junction of
FL 542 and US 27 near Dundee, Florida.
1969 photo donated bt Robert Droz.

Looks like someone did a complete restoration of an old Gulf station on
US 90 in Quincy, FL. This place is restored right down to the
"Mens" and "Ladies" signs, a Gulf clock in the
office window, a small "Gulf Cards Honored" sign, a 5-cent
Coca-Cola vending machine and lots of other stuff. Inside the service bays
there are several fully restored vintage Gulf and Texaco gas pumps
including two of the very tall glass cylinder pumps from WAY back.
I don't think this station is actually selling gasoline. It looks
more like someone's personal museum.
Photo and caption from Tod Allen. Photo taken Feb. 2003.

Gulf station in Denton, Texas.
Taken Nov. 2003 by David Aldred.

Another shot of the above station in Denton.
Taken by Sean Dunbar on March 12, 2010.

Photo of an old Gulf station in Dallas TX (3400 Commerce St to be exact,
in the Deep Ellum Historical District). It's been closed for probably
10 years or so. Photo taken Oct. 14, 2008 by Sean Dunbar.

Besides gas and oil, Gulf manufactured a variety of chemicals for household and
industrial use, such as household paraffin. Above is the end flap from a box
of paraffin. You can still find "Gulf Wax" paraffin in stores,
but it's not made by or related to Gulf anymore and doesn't carry the Gulf logo.