Golden Fleece (Australia) Photos

From a guy named Ray.

Golden Fleece was started by H.C.Sleigh in 1916.
He was the first to have one-brand service stations
in Australia, which was in the 1920s. Golden Fleece
was traded untin 1981, when Caltex Oil (Australia Pty. Ltd.)
purchased the brand.
A lot of Golden Fleece owners refused to go with Caltex
and stopped selling petrol. For them it was Golden Fleece
or nothing. Thanks to Jim Sonter for this info.

A Golden Fleece scan from Jim Sonter.

A former Golden Fleece station and restaurant in Collector, NSW.
During the 1960s/1970s, Golden Fleece built over 80 garages with restaurants.
This location was closed around 1997 when the highway bypassed the town.
Taken in 2007 by Jim Sonter.

A former Golden Fleece in Nangus, NSW in 2007. Kind of odd that the
Golden Fleece Service wording is still there since the pumps are pumping Caltex!
Taken by Jim Sonter.

Hartley Service Station in Hartley, NSW.
The Golden Fleece signs are a bit faded. I tried to bring them out better in the scan.
Taken in 2004 by Reno Galea. Submitted by Jim Sonter.