Garden State Photos

Garden State Fuel station on U.S. Route 9, about 5 miles south of Somers Point NJ.
I wonder if it was a private home at some point because of the building's
unusual second floor and shuttered windows.
This station has a long and interesting history. I first saw it about 20 years ago,
in 1983, going to the shore as a child. My dad used to fill up there.
It was originally a Texaco station back then, with the 1960's style sign with the
large TEXACO and tiny star at the bottom (1968). The green trim and shutters you see
were painted red, but there were never any signs on the building.
In 1993, as Texaco sold off their smaller stations, it was rebranded to Citgo.
In 1998, it was rebranded again to Gulf, and the pumps were replaced with modern ones.
In 2001, it was rebranded a third time to Garden State Fuel.
This is when the trim and shutters were painted green.
The brand seems to be a one of a kind private operation, and I have never seen another station using it.
Paul Geraci, August 2003.