FRS Gas Station Photos

This is the last standing FRS gas bar, which stands for FIRST RATED SERVICE,
on Sandwich street in Windsor, Ontario. Taken 4-13-2004 by Andy Songal.
This station was built in the 1930s as a Supertest (All Canadian Company).
It has been many brands over the years.

FRS was a brand created by Tecumseh Fuels, the local Texaco distributor.
Texaco was sold to Imperial Esso (Exxon) in 1990, and Tecumseh Fuels renamed
to Kenwood Petroleum. After a couple of years Kenwood couldn't cut it, and
all FRS stations shut down. There are still a few FRS signs around Essex county
but none of them currently sell gasoline. --Andy Songal

A note from Phil Case:

The picture of the FRS Gas Bar in Windsor, Ontario shows an elevated roadway
in the background. That's actually part of the Ambassador Bridge which connects
Windsor, Ontario with Detroit, Michigan. It is the busiest international border
crossing in North America. The bridge was opened in 1929 and is owned by
two private companies (one from each country).